My Bitx

Who needs such transceiver like Bitx40? Low power, one band, known problems. In this post I will try to write about why I chose this solution.

First and foremost, this is a ready – assembled transceiver, which only needs to be wired and placed in a housing. Its basic advantage is its low price, and its huge flexibility for modifications.

What will my Bitx contain?

  • lowpass input filter (it will cut everything above 30MHz – about 20km from my QTH there is a broadcast station with output power almost 900KW)
  • input filters (Bitx40 to Bitx-multiband extension)
  • power amplifier about 100 Watt
  • LPF module
  • LSB / USB switch
  • isolated connector for digital transmission
  • VOX
  • audio processor
  • new, switched filters (SSB, CW)
  • CW

Why not ready factory solution? Price will be lower, but it’s not the main reason. My basic criteria is fun and learning while tinkering. Such project is a great way to learn how it works. Each module can be omitted, replaced with another, etc. For that reason, the housing I’ve choosed it would seem too big. However, the goal is to have easy access to each module, so it will be perfect I think.

My Bitx-multiband will be placed in the housing of the GFT 73 generator (saved from the road to the scrap yard).

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